For Monterey Mayor 2020

As Mayor, I vow to reach out in partnership, to be open and transparent, and do what it takes to restore an equitable economy, improve housing outcomes and return to a socially responsible city budget. Thank you for your support and your vote!

My History

As a young child, I was inspired by the bold pursuit for a more just society of Dr. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. Their commitment to social justice, dignity and integrity formed the basis of my moral development. At a young age, I knew my life would be about ethical commitment to these core morals.

As a 37 year Monterey resident, I firmly believe that our community possesses the skills and intelligence to solve the many challenges that confront us. Harnessing our community’s capacity for problem-solving, I’ve directed numerous symposia on topics such as economic equity and resilience, education, elder justice, hunger and homelessness. These symposia have led to implementation of solutions such as the founding of Monterey County’s One Starfish Safe Parking Program and the Gathering Place for Women, and the initiation of Slow Money Monterey, improving economic resilience and bolstering sustainable local food systems.

While living in Monterey, I’ve traveled in countries such as Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Portugal. Subsequent to having had oversight of 15 employees and owning my own remodeling business and after putting myself through university, I devoted my career to teaching disadvantaged students from challenged backgrounds to succeed in college and in life. Primarily these students were people of color and often students where English was not the first language spoken at home.

In the Mid-2000s, I produced several local television shows featuring both musical entertainment and discussion of national issues from local perspectives. On the vanguard of citizen journalism, in 2010 I won national recognition for production of a multimedia citizen news website and television show.

In 2014, I was elected to the Monterey City Council helping direct funds to upgrade community parks, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to promote economic equity and to encourage construction of low income housing.

My Plans

The City of Monterey is in fiscal emergency and needs a plan to afford the future. We need to address hard hitting realities and act to save businesses, provide livable wage jobs and improve housing outcomes.

Embrace an articulated long term plan for economic equity and resilience that includes adding diversity to our economic base. I would implement by budgeting for an economic equity department for community wide collaboration and vision setting.

Support Online Sales. The City can do more to support local brick and mortar online sales. Our community bleeds vitality by not competing more effectively online.

Make municipal contracts more accessible to local providers keeping public funds working and recirculating within the community.

Support acceleration programs to build mentoring networks and wrap around services that connect locals with vision and drive to knowledge and resources. 

Promote direct Investment. Monterey should become known as supportive of innovation and entrepreneurship. We can encourage direct community investment in local startups by partnering with CSUMB’s Start Up Challenge.

Timothy Barrett is the ONLY candidate for Mayor of the City of Monterey
who is endorsed by the MONTEREY COUNTY DEMOCRATS.

Housing is the flip side to economic vitality. Lack of housing makes it difficult to keep workforce in the area, and high housing costs increase pressure on the community. Increasing density of housing along business corridors in ways that protect views and privacy rights can make housing more accessible and drive local economic vitality.

I support an Adopt a Downtown program promoting public/private partnerships for new housing

Structure fees to incentivize desired outcomes

Ease height restrictions in ways that protect view-shed and privacy while allowing more housing than otherwise possible

Where Accessory Dwelling Units are appropriate, remove unnecessary burdens to construction and work with the County for an ADU grant program

Zone for re-purposing of under-performing buildings

Environmental Health and Sustainability:

It is imperative that we create a principally renewable energy fueled economy. In 2018, a U.N. panel released a disturbing report that found that in order to protect most of the ecological systems that sustain our planet, global temperatures must be limited to an increase of only 2.7° Fahrenheit.  The IPCC further found that limiting global temperatures would require a “rapid and far-reaching” transformation of human civilization at a magnitude that has never happened before, within the next 10 years.

Collaborate with other cities to transition the entire region to an all-electric and low carbon emitting fuel fleet of vehicles at a steeply accelerated rate.  

Support TAMC’s efforts to bring rapid mass transit to the highway 1 corridor to relieve fuel emissions and congestion and MST’s efforts to transition to rapid recharging electric fuel cell busses.
Support the Citizen’s Climate Lobby Carbon Fee and Dividend initiative

Sequester carbon gas emitting wet waste (food waste) and direct it toward reuse in the County bio-digester to produce low carbon emitting propane fuels for use in buses, garbage trucks and waste water processing.

Place solar panels on City owned buildings for production of renewable energy.

Preserve our beaches and sandbars as barriers to sea level rise, and protect our surrounding natural environment

Why Vote For Me?

My progressive record on equity, sustainability and socially responsible budgeting has been consistent from beginning to now. I will engage with community to develop a plan for community resilience and recovery. I will secure existing accomplishments in housing and advance proposals to keep the affordable housing momentum going strong. I will champion social and economic equity through acceleration programs for women, minorities and college graduates, and hasten the City’s conversion from fossil fuel burning vehicles to electric vehicles.

We must acknowledge hard realities and act to save businesses, provide livable wage jobs and housing. The incumbent steered straight into a $3,000,000.00 deficit declaring fiscal emergency in October/November of last year, before the Pandemic. Now, he appears to be using the Covid19 economic fallout to cover up. I would never do that. I’m conscientious, proactive, compassionate and fiscally responsible honoring the best of today while engaging community in productive ways.

Don’t Forget to Vote!