Former Monterey Mayor Dan Albert

Former Monterey Mayor Dan Albert

Sam Farr, Former U.S. Representative for California’s 17th and 20th Congressional Districts

Senator Bill Monning, Senate Majority Leader, 17th Senate District

Dan Albert, Former Mayor, City of Monterey

Peter Coniglio, Former Mayor, City of Monterey

Theresa Ann Canepa, Former Monterey City Councilmember

Jane Parker, Monterey County Supervisor

Stephen Vagnini, Monterey County Assessor, Co-Founder, Monterey Chapter of Guitars Not Guns

Jeff Davi, Former Real Estate Commissioner

Lori Lochtefeld, Owner, Golden State Theater

Phil Butler, Veterans for Peace President, Chapter 46

Jean Rauch, Monterey Vista Neighborhood

Doug Yount, Chair, Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

Ken Gordon, Immediate Past Chair, Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

David Foster, Director, Habitat for Humanity

Jonathan Price, Retired Superior Court Judge

Daniel Paul, Clergyman

Monterey Firefighters Association, Local 3707

The Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

Richard Ruccello,  Casanova Oak Knoll Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Improvement Program Representative

Tom Rowley: Fisherman’s Flats Neighborhood Association President

Mary Ann Carbone, Mayor of Sand City

Gloria De La Rosa, Salinas City Council

Bill Peake, Pacific Grove City Council

Ron Stephanie, Boardmember, Monterey One Water

Amy Stocker - Gathering for Women Business Manager

“I am truly inspired by the work that Timothy has and continues to do for our community. His dedication is amazing and our community is much stronger as a result.”

Pamela Burns - Owner, Wild Plum Cafe

“Everything Timothy does for Monterey comes straight from his heart; the highest and best for all community members.”

Linda Fosler, New Monterey Neighborhood

Hector A Quiroz, New Monterey Neighborhood

Alexandra Aubin, New Monterey Neighborhood

Patie McCracken, New Monterey Neighborhood

Ernest Greer,New Monterey Neighborhood

Judy Greer, New Monterey Neighborhood

Mary Beth Ferrante, Long Time Resident, New Monterey Neighborhood

Marie Ferrante, New Monterey Neighborhood

Angelica Ferrante, New Monterey Neighborhood

Linda Raith, New Monterey Neighborhood

Carol Johnson, New Monterey Neighborhood

Mark Weiner, New Monterey Neighborhood


Cynthia Hellam Brown, Old Town Neighborhood

Christine Russo,New Monterey neighborhood

Vanessa Muro,New Monterey Neighborhood

Phillip Crawford,New Monterey neighborhood

Julie Crawford,New Monterey Neighborhood

Tyler Vourhees, New Monterey Neighborhood

Kassandra Spitler, New Monterey Neighborhood

Gina Marmolejo, New Monterey Neighborhood

Carolyn Mitchell, New Monterey Neighborhood

Christine Vitale, New Monterey Neighborhood

David Breedlove, New Monterey Neighborhood

Wayne Thompson, New Monterey Neighborhood

Jon Hill, MPUSD Board Trustee

Alana Myles, President, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

Nick Cunningham, Olympic Athlete, Long Time Resident

Mike Marotta Sr, Long time Resident and Business Owner

Mike Marotta Jr, Long time Resident and Business Owner

Kay Russo, Monterey City Recreation and Community Services Director, Ret

Kaye Cline, Sustainable Monterey

Luana Conley, Prominent Community Activist

Aimee Cuda, Manager at Central Coast Senior Services

Margaret Huffman, Program Manager at Alliance on Aging

Sadie Kvenild, Vice President at Peggy’s Home Care

Brian Balcom, Environmental Scientist / Ecologist

Carolyn Moore

Wanda Sue Parrott

Wendy Brickman

Mindy Caldwell

Rob Frederichson

John Riggs

Andrea Wilson

Susan Szasz

Charles Wilson

Mary Szasz

Sadie Kvenild

Jay Zwagerman

Luana Conley

Justin Loza

Linda Peacoch

Richard Maeri

Craig Riddell

Melissa Barrett

Liz Jacobs

Gerardo Zambrano

Dustin Smith

Bob Faulis

Dexter Farm

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