Timothy Barrett, Vice Mayor for the City of Monterey rescues a deer. I was headed up Eardley when I spotted a deer that was caught on a picket fence with hind legs kicking. I it was squeezed in to the four inches or so between the pickets. It was good to see it set free.

In The News Quick Links:

Pickleball with Barrett -Press Release
Barrett for Monterey City Council Campaign Rally  Oct 6th at Via Paraiso Park Tennis Courts 
Timothy Barrett is a strong advocate for public parks and fitness programs. He brought the Healthy Eating, Active Living Campaign (HEAL) to the City of Monterey which establishes high standards for public access to parks, exercise equipment and healthy foods. HEAL also brings opportunities for grant funding to support investment in parks and recreation.

Monterey to hold elder care symposium.  
The Monterey County Department of Social Services and the city of Monterey are set to host their first ever Community Responses to Elder Care Symposium next week. The symposium takes place Sept. 15 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Monterey Peninsula College and registration is free.

 Slow Money group celebrates grand opening in Monterey.

 New fund aims to help Monterey’s housing crisis

 Coalition in Monterey launches affordable housing fund

 Monterey studies whether to allow renting out secondary units.

 A video collection Timothy produced on Hospice In-Home Care

 A few videos from Monterey City Council

 A video expose on Homelessness


Neighborhood Housing Fund for Monterey Press Conference:

Neighborhood Housing Fund for Monterey from Timothy Barrett on Vimeo.

A new organization intended to help tackle the problem of affordable housing in the Monterey area was officially launched on the steps of Colton Hall Thursday.

Dubbed the Neighborhood Housing Fund for Monterey, the nonprofit aims to support city housing goals by leveraging housing density bonuses, working with homeowners to maintain their property for renters and spurring on collaboration between health care providers, employers and housing developers.

Currently, the city of Monterey is 650 housing units short of what it needs. Officials will be updating the city’s Housing Element this fall.

“No one accomplishes solving the housing challenges alone,” said Barrett

Affordable housing crisis
in Monterey

Affordable housing crisis in Monterey

The Neighborhood Housing Fund for Monterey is a new nonprofit to help create affordable housing. 

The launch is the beginning of a voyage toward local community-based solution building.

One correction from the video, this is not a City of Monterey Fund.

This is a 501C3 non-profit corporation 100% dedicated to stimulating the development of workforce affordable housing options.

I support inclusionary housing ordinances in combination with policies that lower the cost to develop workforce affordable housing.

How housing can be made affordable to working families is one of the major issues facing the community of Monterey. Some say that cost of housing is simply an issue of supply, but take a deeper look.

The affordability of housing is also a capacity issue. If every possible housing unit were to be built, housing might still remain un-affordable to generations of residents without policies that encourage the construction of affordable units including making affordable housing more affordable to develop.

Regional approaches are only truly regional if all areas of a region participate.

Name the issue, housing, economic development, transportation, homelessness, each municipality must participate in ways that make sense for that community.

We can’t delegate away our responsibilities and imagine that the end result will meet our community’s needs.

Looking Forward!