Since first coming to you four years ago for support of my campaign to serve as Monterey City Council Member, we’ve made progress in many areas. However, the priority issues remain the same.

We need more livable wage paying jobs for ourselves and our children to aspire to. 

We must have affordable housing options for working families.

Our senior residents should be able to remain in their homes if they so choose and have the care and services they need.

Safety and security and maintenance of our infrastructure and alleviation of traffic congestion must be high priorities.

City government should provide a shining example of a safe, productive and wholesome work environment that is respectful of differences and provides equity of opportunity for all employees.

Together we’re making it happen! The key to meeting these high priority challenges is our continued long term commitment, focused attention and collaborative problem solving. 

“Timothy Barrett is a helpful and knowledgeable supporter. Planning for, financing and actually building affordable housing is a difficult, complicated and sometimes controversial process.  We have found Monterey City Council member Timothy Barrett to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would like to express my appreciation to Council member Barrett for his advocacy around affordable housing issues in the community.” David Foster, Director, Habitat for Humanity



HOUSING – We’re convening a working group to increase community access to workforce housing. #affordablehousingfund

LOCAL CONTROL – We’re strengthening local control by embracing approaches that value local workforce, local culture, local entrepreneurship. #slowmoney

SAFETY – We funded the hiring and training of firefighters and police officers implemented community policing and traffic enforcement.

TRAFFIC – We’re reducing traffic congestion by upgrading traffic signals, installing pedestrian bulb outs and supporting mobility options.

PARKS – ​We’re increasing investment in parks, fitness and healthy lifestyle options.

INFRASTRUCTURE – We’re rehabilitating roads, sewers and storm drains, repairing sidewalks and making ADA upgrades.

MORE JOBS – We’re stimulating job creation through increased local investment of our public dollars that otherwise might be spent out of our area.

WATER – We’re working regionally to build Pure Water Monterey for a new source of water in 2019.

Looking Forward!